Orthopedic Private Practice 

in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Tel. +49-030-4427905 (WhatsApp-Nachricht +4917634639778)


Dear patients,

Are you currently looking for a doctor because you are suffering from pain, a functional disorder or a particular musculoskeletal condition? I would be glad to offer you my expertise as a specialised and highly experienced orthopedic and trauma surgeon. My name is Dr. med. Salim Shami, and I run an orthopedic private clinic in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. You can arrange an appointment online or over the Phone  030-4427905. You always can leave a message and we will call you back.

Our Clinic

I have been a practising orthopedic for over 20 years, having completed my medical studies and the majority of my specialist training at the Charité in Berlin between 1985-1996. Multiple work placements abroad, an additional medical specialist qualification in the UK (FRCS), as well as additional medical training courses such as in acupuncture and manual therapy further embellish my resumé. As well as thorough and extensive consultations, my patients are offered a wide array of treatment options. These range from conservative therapies using well-established medications and physical therapy, to more innovative therapy forms. I also perform elective out-patient surgery procedures using minimally invasive surgery techniques. 

You can be assured by my vast professional experience in both the clinical and practical setting that you will receive only the highest quality of orthopedic treatment at my Berlin private practice. 

My private orthopedic practice lies directly in the centre of Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. I run the clinic together with a team of friendly, approachable and well-qualified medical professionals who always ensure the optimal specialist and personalised care of our patients. 

If you would like to learn more about our expertise or inquire further about the particular therapies that we offer, you can contact us by telephone during working hours (or just leave a message), by WhatsApp message or by E Mail. We would be more than happy to answer any of your questions or provide a consultation appointment. You can conveniently  book an appointment over our booking system.

We are located in: Marburger Str. 12-13, 10789 Berlin and Chodowieckistraße 23, 10405 Berlin.

Auricular (ear) acupuncture  

I am a certified doctor for acupuncture by the Berliner Ärztekammer. I offer the acupuncture  in conjunction with other treatments as a modern approach of management of orthopedic conditions. 

Orthopedic manual therapy (OMPT) 

I am using the orthopedic manual therapy for a long time now. I find it amazing, how quick and with little effort a range of movement of gets better or sometimes back to normal.

Ultrasound diagnostics

I am lucky to have a premium class sonography machine (GE logiq E9 Xd Clear) in the clinic. Having hands on experience in Sonography from 1990, gives me the ease of integrating this method in managing orthopedic problems.

Therapeutic Localanaesthesia

I offer my patients a large variety of neural therapeutic interventions for acute and chronic orthopedic disorder. 

focussed Shockwave therapy

I am currently using a Piezo 2 focussed shockwave machine (Richard Wolf) with more than 20 different applicators. This gives me the freedom to choose best approach to target, avoiding sensible structures.

Osteoarthritis (OA)

I manage osteoarthritis in this clinic with magnetic field therapy, local injections, Hyaluronic acid with/ -out PRP, Corticosteroids or denervation. 

Ultrasound-assisted Injections

Using ultrasound guidance to optimize the outcome of therapeutic injections.